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Dear USA,

I am NOT a terrorist and I do NOT deal with weapons, bombs or any other freaking fireworks. I´m neither a fan of Osama, Obama or Omaha anyways, and I´m not responsible for any stupid things going on at this planet. I´m too, NOT a hi-jacker who´s able to ride planes into skyscrapers and I´m too, NOT a stock holder of McDonalds. I do NOT communicate via sensitive email-clients and I do NOT chat with people from the Iran (your new enemy, by the way). I have NO stamps from Israel in my passport and whenever I visit the United States of America I do NOT meet any people from the Hisbollah community in Manhattan. I prefer to have dinner in the Lexington Ave. with friends of mine to just enjoy my time when I´m in town.

Furthermore I do NOT collaborate with the right wing of the NRA to purchase ‘state of the art’ self defence items or any other easy to use weapons of mass destruction. I´m still a fan of my Magnum 44 since I´m a fan of Dirty Harry. So there is no risk for your government, for your country, or for any other downsized citizen of your beloved nation of the free. Who don´t have any clue HOW unfree they really are.

If you need my fingerprints to let me pass your immigration line, let me know. If you need my DNA to let me pass your high-secured boundary, let me kow. If you need my semen to check if I´m a valuable reproducer, just let me know. If you need my history back to the 17th century, I will try to help you getting anything you like to know. If you need my blod, my liver diagnostics or anything else which will help you to evaluate if I´m a risk for your country, then I´ll be here for you. BUT, if you´re just here to annoying me with all your stupid AND senseless behavior, I would like to know you just one thing: KISS MY ASS and don´t bother me with all your paranoid ideas for a philosophy which not even isn´t took serious by your own people. So, wake up, ‘Land of the Free’, and get back to this what you´ve been for such a long time. It´s worth it.

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  1. Unscha(r)f sagt:

    Wer will schon freiwillig in die USA?

  2. Judy sagt:

    Oha. Nervige Einreiseformalitäten? Ich kann leider auch nix dran ändern.
    Aber absolut lächerlich ist es schon…

  3. vanilleblau sagt:

    @Unscha(r)f: Ich, zum Bleistift.

    @Judy: So in etwa :) Mehr als lächerlich.

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